Can people over 65 purchase life insurance policy if they smoke tobacco?

After the age of 50, we begin to sense that feeling of mortality. Knowing that you will not live forever and the end is not that far, is something that brings much sorrow. But we must be brave and prepare ourselves, not everything is lost. Modern medicine and technology can greatly extend the life expectancy of an individual.

1 cigar smokerIf you are a senior, you should purchase a life insurance for 50 and over. It will greatly help you when you will need it the most. But if you also smoke tobacco, there will be some complications. This post can tell you more if people over 65 can purchase life insurance policy if they smoke tobacco.

It depends. There are many factors that must be considered. Some insurance companies have a strict policy and prevent any smoker from obtaining a life insurance. But most of the companies can give you coverage, only if you give something back.

They want a medical exam and some medical records that indicate how much your body was affected by smoking. Only after these results are brought, they will know in which risk category to place you. And again, if the risk is too high, some insurers may turn you down. Lung cancer is a serious problem and some companies do not provide coverage to people suffering of cancer.

Understanding your condition is the first step when shopping for life insurance. You must talk with medics and find out if your situation is under control and will not degenerate into something worse. After all the papers have been gathered, you must find an insurer capable to provide coverage for your situation.

But understand that premium value for smokers is significantly higher.  Smokers can pay even double for monthly premiums. That is the risk of smoking: it not only damages your body, but also has a great impact on your economy. But you can find affordable policies if you search for quotes.

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