How can senior citizens over 65 can cover their funeral and burial costs?

Talking about your own funeral or death with your dear ones is not quite a pleasant topic to choose for a family dinner. But, as we advance in years, this concern cannot be avoided or ignored. Sometimes it is better to face the dilemma with dignity and find out what solutions are available for the problem ahead.

Aging, like death, is a natural part of life, and no matter how hard we will try, there is nothing to stop it. All we can do is to slow down the aging process, by keeping a healthy diet and an active life.  After a certain age, even these tricks are useless, because any physical effort can be painful. All that remains is to consider about planning your own funeral.

Most people choose the classical style, with priests, funeral car, coffin and full embalming of the body. Although it is the most common way, it is also the most expensive. All hired personnel, starting from morticians, medics or priests, must be paid accordingly with their profession. And if you want your body to look good after you die, your family must choose top quality embalmers. Like anything else, quality has its own cost, higher than the regular services.  Flowers, decorations, formal wears will also drain an important part of money. To sum it up, if you want a decent funeral, will all services included, your family will have to pay a wagon of money. How much, exactly? No one really knows, but be sure that the minimum sum is way over ten thousand dollars.

If you think that your family will not afford spending so much money for your funeral, act in time and support them by purchasing a life insurance. Usually any life insurance for people over 50 comes with the possibility of saving a part of the premiums exclusively for final expenses. In this way, you will alleviate the financial burden that your family will have to face.  It is a nice gesture that shows care, respect and understanding for their needs. Acting greedy and with selfishness will later have negative consequences.

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