How to Get Elderly Life Insurance Without Medical Exams

 Getting life insurance must be a top priority for any senior citizen that wants to secure a stable future for its spouse and children.  It seems ironical, but in order to get money, you must pay money. Life insurance is a contract that offers money as death benefits when the policyholder dies.

couple financeIn exchange for this service, the policy owner must regularly pay sums of money.  However, not all people are eligible for life insurance and seniors have problems finding adequate policies.  In most cases seniors can only get elderly life insurance without medical exams.

No exam life insurance policies are something new and not too many people fully comprehend them. It is easy to confuse or to ignore something you do not understand. Before making any presumption, we invite elder citizens to inform about no medical exam life insurance. This policy provides sufficient protection and sufficient amounts of coverage. Furthermore, it takes care of one of their biggest concern: burial costs.

No exam policies allow you to include some riders like: final expense insurance rider, accidental death insurance rider or accelerated death benefits rider. The last one will help the beneficiaries get the money faster. You can get this policy very simple: contact a company that sell it and establish a meeting.

The company will tell you what documents you should bring with you for negotiations.  When you arrive, you will be given a short form and a questionnaire.  On the questionnaire you will find many medical questions.

Usually the questions are very simple and specific, with “yes” or “no” options, but you can get questions that require to describe more.

Since the only main concern is the price, we recommend you to access as many insurance websites as possible. You can also try to get some quotes and compare prices. Analyze all offers and choose only those that seem affordable to you. After that, contact the selected companies.

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