Life insurance over 70

Life insurance over 70 is essential for protection your family’s financial future. Death can come unexpected and living without coverage as long as you have a family and dependents is risky. A life insurance policy works in a very simple way: in exchange for regular premiums, the insurer will pay a benefit to your beneficiaries, after you pass away.

Life insurance for seniors: is it possible?

life insurance over 70Yes it is. Life insurance should be usually bought as soon as someone depends on your salary. The cost of premiums is influenced by your age and medical condition. It is generally common to have more medical issues as you get older, and so a policy will cost a lot more when you are a senior. Life insurance for people over 50 is nevertheless a reality!

If you are healthy, you can pass the underwriting process. Nowadays, agencies are not so strict. You should have normal levels of cholesterol, blood pressure a proper weight and no other chronic diseases. The whole underwriting process varies greatly from one agency to another. Some seniors were able to get life coverage even though they had a heart condition. Some diseases do not shorten your lifespan and are considered a low risk for your health. Keep n mind that the agency wants to make a profit and to minimize any risks.

Here are some tips that will help you qualify for a life insurance policy:

  • exercise regularly
  • quit smoking and alcohol
  • have a healthy diet

What if you are refused coverage?

In some cases, insurance agencies will see you unfit for a traditional policy. However, there are still options of getting life coverage available.

Life insurance without a medical examination is a possible option for people in your case. If agencies have refused to sell you insurance because of your medical state, you can choose a policy that doesn’t require you to present a medical exam. In other words, you skip the underwriting process and get insured in just 24 hours!

Guaranteed issue is another form of policy available to all. As the name suggest, applying for this policy, will force the agency to insure you. However, it will be costly and you won’t be able to get a coverage bigger than 50,000$.

If you are looking for a policy that covers only your funeral costs, you can purchase a final expenses policy! No medical exam is needed and everyone can qualify for it! This type of policy is great for covering your funeral costs, which can amount to 10,000$!

Life insurance for people over 50 is easy to find and at great prices too! Visit our website and compare quotes!