Recommendations for living to green old age

We all age ultimately; it is a natural process and we have to be as vigorous as possible by taking care of ourselves during the younger stages of life. The advantages of an active life gives us a few extra years, a general good disposition, a young brain and a body of great elegance,  characteristic of the third age’s wisdom.

According to an article on the website of the University of New Mexico, after the age of 65, the circulatory system loses up to 30% of the capacity it had during youth years. Gradually a number of sensory abilities such as sight, tact, hearing or taste are tainted over the course of time. All these degradations can be very much delayed by adopting an active lifestyle.

anti-aging-dietAging is manifested in various ways: by slowing the deterioration of intellectual functions memory, the decreased ability to work, by decreasing sexual activity, by general fatigue, accompanied by changing physiognomy such as the whitening of hair or wrinkles). Aging can be hastened by illness, emotional shock and stress. This is the physiological aging unlike the pathological one called senility.

Four principles underlie the aging delay: appropriate nutrition, physical exercise, plenty of water consumption and love. Through a proper nutrition elderly people must reach the body weight they had at the age of 20 in order to avoid cell toxicity. Ignoring this principle opens arteriosclerosis, the main factor of premature aging with its consequences: poor irrigation of organs, primarily, the brain and heart. Physical exercise, the second principle, is available to everyone and it refers to activities such as walking, gymnastics, jogging, and sports. All these adapt the heart to effort and improve the vascular circulation etc. Due to the fact that the cellular dehydration begins at an early state and is constant after 40 years, elderly people must increase the water consumption. Their body requires 1 liter and a half per day.

The last principle – love is as important as the others and it represents the continuation of sexual and emotional life without complexes, in a pace that is adequate to the age, love being the most effective remedy against stress.

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